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Artwork Guidelines

The addresses for all types of artwork are:


US Postal:         P. O. Box 1523, Penn Valley, CA  95946


Screen Printing
Art for screen printing must be in a vector format, for clean edges in the final product.  We use CorelDraw 6.0 and can receive files in Corel formats up to that version, in Adobe Illustrator 3.0 or older, in .wmf (Windows MetaFile), or in cases of artwork that is already color-separated, as .pdf files (Adobe Acrobat).
We can also receive all bitmap formats, including .jpg, .tif, .bmp, etc. and convert your artwork to vector format by tracing or recreating it in our software.  Screen printing projects include one free hour of artwork with each job and most projects do not require more work or time than that.  Beyond the included hour, the charge for art "clean-up" is $25/hr, and in that case we always provide you with an estimate in advance of beginning work.  No art charges are ever incurred without your prior approval.


Artwork for embroidery must be in .jpg or .bmp formats.  To have us assess your original artwork, please send us an e-mail copy, ad let us know what size you'd like the finished product to be.  We can also receive vector formats .cdr (6.) and .ai (Adobe Illustrator) and convert them to bitmap format OR scan a hard copy of artwork here, and there is no charge for doing either.  Hard copies of art may be mailed to us at our P.O. Box.
We never start work without your prior approval.


Heat Press
The art format for heat press applications depends on the application.  For inkjet transfers, we'll need a medium to high resolution copy of your graphic image (photo or other artwork).  A high-resolution .jpg file generally will work well, as well as .pdd files (an Adobe Photoshop format).  We can also scan your artwork here, and return your original.
For sports team player names or numbers in computer-cut vinyl, we need only a list of names and numbers, and your choice of layout and type style.
For vinyl graphic (an application used for nylon, cordura, and other difficult-to-decorate fabrics), artwork must be in vector format for clean edges in the final product.  NOTE:  due to the nature of the computer cutter used in this process, artwork must be fairly simple, without a great deal of "interior" detail.  We use CorelDraw 6.0 and can receive files in Corel formats up to that version, in Adobe Illustrator 3.0 or older, as .pdf files, and as .wmf files. 
We can also convert your bitmapped images to vector format; art charges will apply.
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Custom Artwork
For initial assessment, any format at all is fine--vector or bitmap formats via e-mail, hard copy via fax or the U.S. Postal Service, even a design sketched on a cocktail napkin, or no image at all, just a description of what you have in mind.  With over 25 years' experience in visual arts, we can generally create what you need without wasted motion.

A note about intellectual property rights...

Violation of copyright or trademark is a crime.  We vigorously defend copyright on our own original artwork and we honor the copyrights of others accordingly. 


There is often confusion about "art in the public domain", but that applies specifically to artwork on which the copyright has expired, not to artwork so heavily licensed by the original copyright holder for reproduction that it seems to be everywhere you look.  In other words, you may see "Star Wars" imagery on all kinds of merchandise, but that doesn't mean the imagery is free for anyone to use.

There is also confusion about "derivative" art, and an erroneous belief that if artwork is changed by "20 percent or more", then it becomes "original" art and therefore no longer subject to the original copyright.  In practical application, if the artwork can be easily mistaken for the original by the average viewer, then a defensible argument can be made that copyright violation has occurred.

While the doctrine of "Fair Use" sometimes applies in cases of commentary (film review), education, or satire, it rarely if ever applies to purely commercial undertakings, and there is no exception granted for reproducing one item for personal use.

Sagittarius Screenprinting & Embroidery
P. O. Box 1523, Penn Valley, CA 95946

phone (530) 277-7435 or (530) 277-8697

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